Charter, deltagarbaserat performance (2014)

Documentation from the performance from Ställbergsgruva 18-20 july 2014. Photo by Anna Lmaberg and Hanna Källebo Neikter

Vacation is that wierd state of mind when your right to exist switches from doing-based to being-based. Unlike the other 48 weeks of the year when productivity, stamina and efficiency is your highest valued traits, in the vacational state of mind your just supposed to be.

Charter is an interactive performance that gives the visitors space to handle their thoughts about the vacational mode and through different tasks learning to handle all of the psycological stages that vacation contains, helping to deal with needs of control, prestige, loss of identity and high expectations that might occur. Tasks like: accepting and handeling the gap between reality /paradise, having coffee with strangers without revealing your job identity, handling surprisetrips, and watching really slow sunset without being stressed.

Charter was produced for the Art festival Hope Tourist Center at Ställbergs Gruva 2014